Quantum Chaos Study using a BEC
WEM(m=8) expected to form in a BEC contrained in a circular potential. We aim to realize a non-integrable system with a BEC formed in an optical potential of various shapes and use it for the next-generation platform for studying quantum chaos.
  • BEC(Bose-Einstein condensate) is a phase-transition phenomenon in which all Bosons condense to a ground state below a critical temperature.
  • The ultracold atoms in a BEC are described by a single wave function with phase coherence.
  • Since the potential and the interaction bewteen atoms can be well controlled in a BEC, it is quite useful in studying manybody phenomena directly.
  • We aim to realized a next-generation quatum chaos system with a BEC by taking advange of its phase coherence and good controllability of experimental parameters,
  • We should be able to control the interaction strength between atoms by adjusting the atomic density and the scattering length and to form the optical potential in a desired shape. Thereby, we expect to find new quantum chaos phenomena never observed in the existing systems and explain their orgin and utilize them.
  • Absorption image of a BEC contained in a two-dimensional dipole trap with various additional potential patterns superimposed (b)~(d). (b) a dot, (c) a line and (d) a circle. Unpublished data.
Last updated: February 25, 2014