05 Seminars
How to make Bose-
Einstein condensate in
an optical cavity
Dr. Moonjoo Lee
ETH Zurich
I will present an experimental system for coupling Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) to optical crossed cavities. The setup has a loadlock system which allows to exchange various types of cavities. Laser-cooled 87Rb atoms were loaded into a hybrid trap formed by a combined magnetic and optical potential. The ultracold atomic cloud was optically transported to the cavity with focus-tunable lenses. Then optical evaporation of the cloud was performed in the crossed dipole trap and pure BEC was produced in the cavity mode. The crossed cavities under an angle of 60 degree were developed while maintaining ultrahigh finesse. The BEC-cavity system makes it possible to explore various experiments, such as photon-number dependent delay of a weak optical pulse or self-organization of the atoms in the dynamical triangular/hexagonal lattice.
Last updated: February 25, 2015