05 Seminars
Two neutral atoms
coupled to a high-finesse
optical cavity: towards a
maximally entangled
state of two atoms
Dr. Seokchan Yoon
U. Bonn
In this presentation we will discuss a scheme for the generation of a maximally entangled state of two neutral atoms via a single mode of a high-finesse optical cavity. In the scheme a strongly coupled atom-cavity system consisting of two atoms is designed in such a way that a desired entangled state is heralded by detection of no photon out of the cavity mirrors. The proposed scheme overcomes practical implementation issues and promises sufficient robustness to be applicable with present-day coupled atom-cavity systems. Theoretical analysis on the generation mechanism of the two-atom entangled state and scaling of fidelity with respect to the cavity parameters will be presented. Experimental progress towards realizing entanglement of two atoms inside an optical cavity will also be presented.
Last updated: February 25, 2015