Openings for Graduate Students in 2019
KW An's group has the opening in the following areas.

  • Free-space superabsorption
  • Photon statistics in all-coherent thresholdless lasing based on coherent superradiance
  • Development of solid-state coherent thresholdless lasers
  • Spectroscopy of phase-controlled atom-field interaction
  • Squeezing in the fluorescence by a single atom in a cavity via state purification
  • Enhanced lasing emission near an exceptional point in a deformed microcavity
  • Non-Hermitian non-integrable properties in a Penrose cavity

The starting students will be involved in core researches with their Ph.D researches in mind.

NEW — Introduction to the quantum-field laser laboratory(streaming), pdf available.
Opening for Postdoctoral Fellows
We are looking for a postdoc in the area of experimental atomic physics and quantum optics. A successful candidate will lead a superabsorption experiment in free space. More information on the superabsorption and a related superradiance experiment can be found here. We already have a basic setup for the experiment. A successful candidate will also participate in a fluorescence squeezing experiment by a single atom localized in a cavity. The related theory was proposed by Prof. Werner Vogel at University of Rostock. You can find more details about theory at this link. We have done single photon generation experiment with a single atom in a cavity and the setup for this experiment will be modified to accommodate the proposed experiment. The position is for two years and can be renewed. A qualified candidate will be paid by up to 60,000 USD/year with insurance and relocation expenses. We are funded by Samsung Science & Technology Foundation.
If you are interested, please send your CV, a list of publications and three references to Prof. Kyungwon An (kwan(at) by April 30, 2019.
Undergraduate Thesis Studies 2019
We offer the following research opportunities for undergraduate thesis studies. Contact Prof. K. An for details.

  • Collective atom-field interactions
  • Nonclassical fields by single atoms
  • Quantum Chaos in a deformed microcavity
Last updated: March 9, 2019